FYI:  My Podcast called, LOL:  LIVING OUT LOUD, will be premiering on June 5th. I asked the Ladies, to grab their girls, a pen, a journal, and their favorite beverage so that we can have some real talk. My hope is that we grow and become more powerful in our own skin as we share what makes us individually beautiful and capable women.  In each episode, I will be giving a Writing Prompt of which I will share my answer.     

Writing Prompt # 1 (Episode #1)  – Who Are You?

I am funny and witty and sometimes sarcastic, educated, spiritual, dynamic, creative, inspirational, powerful, honest,  and I am a Strong Black Woman. Sometimes I believe some of that and other times I believe most of it, and there are times when I believe all of it.  I am a woman who is still working on merging her mistakes with her successes and her faith with her doubt.  I am bold when I stand up for others; damn near fearless and sometimes I am that bold to protect myself.  The dichotomy of me confuses me…

What I know for sure is I am moral and intentional about being a good citizen of the world.  My personality is outgoing, compassionate, and kind, which feeds my soul’s desire and that is to serve my community.  When I am at my best self, I love courageously even if it is not for my greater good and I am trying to fix that.  What I know for sure is that I am unafraid to share my faults, at least the ones of which I am aware, and as soon as I figure out why I make choices that are not great for myself, I will share that as well.  I am willing to share my broken parts if it means someone else can become just a little more empowered.

I am a woman who has both a girl and a young woman living inside, who still needs some love; I am trying to figure out how to do that.  I am made on purpose by God and that alone makes me valuable, that is what I know but sometimes it is not how I live.  What I know for sure, is that I am an imperfectly perfect piece of an ever intentionally evolving Sistah-Woman Girl who is willing to put myself out there in order to be more of Me.  That is who I am.  Who are you?

Note:  You can go to the Podcast tab to hear my Preview Podcast.  On June 5th the Podcast should be available on all major podcast apps. 


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