I Did What Was Best, Finally

I finally let go! Like a softball game it took 4 strikes for me to call an OUT! When things were good they were and when they were bad, they really were. He was a narcissist and I fell prey. I cut contact (somewhat) in the past but he could text or even call if he wanted. I could choose to answer and 4 times, I answered and the cycle started again. This time I blocked him and I am going no contact even if it kills me (so to speak).

This time, this last time and I mean it, I will no longer tolerate the rollercoaster of emotions that this experience has bought to my life. I never understood what it meant to be involved with a Narcissist, now I do. I have done some research on how to let go and heal. Since I am still in the process, the very beginning of it. I will share with you a video that has helped me.

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