Saying Goodbye: To my Foster a dog

Kelson, my Foster Fur-baby

Who would of thought that goodbye would be so hard?

I have been unemployed for a little while and like many in my situation I was feeling a little low; you know down in the dumps. I figured, what better way to deal with that than to find away to do something for someone else (I am a giver and serve by nature) but I wanted to do something big. I was watching television and one of those extremely heart wrenching commercials about the abuse and homelessness of pets airs, and that is when I had my epiphany. I was going to foster a dog and give my dog a buddy in the process.

I went in search of a rescue organization in my area. I did not know exactly what I was looking for but I did know that I wanted to find one that was unique. I found Dogs XL Rescue All of their dogs are just that, big! I already own a German Shepherd, so I completed the process to become a foster and about 6 weeks later I meant Kelson, a Akita German Shepherd mix.

Penny, my dog, Kelson and I had to put in some effort to develop a routine and a relationship with one another. Before long Kelson and Penny were in my bed together and they were both kind enough to leave me a small spot on the edge. Kelson and I would leave the house almost every Saturday afternoon for an Adoption Fair (Penny was jealous). When we went to this things, it was as if Kelson knew he was on display and that it was his chance to find a forever home. I must admit, when you become aware of that fact…It is hard.

Seven weeks in Kelson, was adopted to a family that already had an 8 year old Rotti, did I tell you that Kelson is between 2-3? Well, he is. I sent him on his way with his bed, sheet, toys, and treats, which he had come to love. Four days later, he was returned. They said that he played to rough. Kelson was my dog now.

If I was gainfully employed, he would be part of my family. I loved watching Kelson settle in to our home, that is mine and Penny’s. He began to change from a foster to a family member with full privileges. Kelson felt at home, at last.

Kelson, Penny, and I settled nicely in to our morning feedings, morning park adventure, snack time, playtime, dinner time, brushing time, and snuggle time. We were a family. Yet, I continued to take him to Adoption Fairs. The very last one I took him too, he was not his usually charmig self. He was polite and well behaved but I could tell he just wanted to go home. He lay on the ground and waited for time to pass. I could not keep him because of my finances but I wanted him to have a home. I did not want to have to place him on display anymore.

God answers prayers. I opened my email up after arriving home from the last Adoption Fair to find that a couple had been approved for adoption and they wanted MY Kelson. They asked questions about my foster fur-baby and I gave them true answers. I knew they were the ones, the Forever Family. We made plans for them to come and get Kelson from my home two nights later. I wanted time to prepare Kelson, Penny, and myself.

The night before Kelson would leave, I explained to him how much I loved him and how I wanted the best for him. I wanted him to know that he was loved and he was not once again being tossed away. Yes, I think our pets can since these things. I told him that I was not abandoning him but given him chance at a great life-A Forever Family. When Kelson trotted out the door the next night, I did not expect my emotional responds. Tears, tears, and more tears! I felt like a part of my family, my heart left.I cried on and off for 3 days.


I went to visit Kelson, I had to give his new family some paperwork. He greeted me by standing on his hind legs and putting his legs on my shoulders while places lots of kisses on my cheeks. His new Dad showed me around. The toys I sent with Kelson were scattered about. Kelson had a dog walker and the dog bed and sheet that I sent with him was placed right next to his Mom and Dad’s bed. He was home and soon enough he would settle into to that reality. I kissed Kelson goodbye and left.

After wiping away some tears I began to smile, Kelson has a family that loves him and he is going to have a good life. I was part of his journey to a Forever Home. It is all good.

I am going to recover from releasing “Love” and then I am going to release “Love” again.

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